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7 Exciting Career Opportunities for Pilots

7 Exciting Non-Traditional Pilot Jobs

Becoming a pilot opens up a world of opportunity. In addition to traditional airline and corporate pilot jobs, there are many other exciting career options available to pilots. Here are seven of the most popular non-traditional pilot jobs:

Regional Airline Pilot

A regional airline pilot flies short-haul flights for an airline that services a specific region. Regional pilots typically start their careers flying smaller aircraft before being promoted to larger planes.

Medical Pilot

A medical pilot flies patients who need medical attention to hospitals or other medical facilities. Medical pilots must have specialized training in order to transport patients safely.

Tour Pilot

A tour pilot flies tourists to popular destinations. Tour pilots must be knowledgeable about the area in which they are flying and able to answer any questions that passengers may have.

Cargo Pilot

A cargo pilot flies freight that needs to be transported from one location to another. Cargo pilots typically fly large aircraft and may be required to transport hazardous materials.

Flight Instructor

A flight instructor provides training to students who want to become pilots. Flight instructors must be patient and have the ability to explain concepts in a clear and concise manner.

Firefighter Pilot

A firefighter pilot flies water or supplies to firefighters who are battling wildfires. Firefighter pilots must be able to fly in all types of weather conditions and terrain.

Law Enforcement Pilot

A law enforcement pilot assists police officers in pursuing criminals or conducting surveillance. Law enforcement pilots must have excellent flying skills and be able to think on their feet.

Final Take

Pilots have a wide range of career opportunities available to them, from flying regional airlines to working as law enforcement pilots. If you’re interested in becoming a pilot, research the different types of pilot jobs available to find the perfect fit for you.