Accelerated Multi-Engine Add-On Rating

Our Multi-Engine add-on course includes five lessons of accelerated multi-engine flight instruction from our professional multi-engine instructors so you can become a certified multi-engine pilot in one week or LESS! The course is accelerated and training is conducted over five instructional flights to incorporate multi-engine flight procedures, systems, cockpit management, and even multi-engine IFR procedures.

Our FAA Multi-Engine Add-On (with Instrument) course is a 8-flight hour, accelerated course focused on making you an FAA certified multi-engine pilot. The course includes:

● 8 Hours Beech 76 Duchess Flight Training
● 8 Hours Dual Flight Instruction
● 3 Hours Ground with a CFI
● 2 Hour Practical Test and Examiner Fee

All training is performed one-on-one with your FAA authorized instructor in our of Garmin Equipped Beechcraft Duchess.

Total Cost: $3980.00

We offer multi-engine training for the following airplane class add-ons:

Please call us at (321) 345-3194 to schedule your accelerated multi engine training today!

All multi-engine training is conducted in our Garmin equipped, Beechcraft BE-76 Duchess multi-engine training aircraft at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport (KMLB).