Accelerated Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Rating

Our Flat Rate Multi-Engine add-on courses includes five lessons of accelerated Multi-Engine flight instruction from our professional Multi-Engine instructors so you can become a certified Multi-Engine pilot. These courses will incorporate Multi-Engine flight procedures, systems, cockpit management, and even Multi-Engine IFR procedures.

Our FAA Multi-Engine Add-On (with Instrument) courses are accelerated courses focused on making you an FAA certified Multi-Engine Pilot. We provide you with study material prior to your first lesson so you will be well versed on the ground knowledge and can focus on Flying. We offer these courses in our Tecnam P2006T

Accelerated Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Course

The course includes:

● 5 Dual Flight Lessons in our Tecnam P2006T

● 5 Pre/Post Flight Briefings with an MEI
● 2 Hour Practical Test

Flat Rate: $4,995.00*

*If additional flights are needed, the student will be responsible for the additional flight lessons. Additional hours are billed at the posted hourly rate. DPE fee additional. Additional costs may be incurred, including but not limited to, re-test fees.

We offer multi-engine training for the following airplane class add-ons:

Please call us at (321) 345-3194 to schedule your accelerated multi engine training today!

All multi-engine training is conducted in our Garmin equipped, Tecnam P2006T multi-engine training aircraft at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport (KMLB).