Advanced Flight Training and Rental Aircraft Fleet

Melbourne Flight Training operates a fleet of safe, reliable, and modern training aircraft equipped with advanced avionics suites composed of Garmin and Avidyne electronics. Our aircraft fleet offers simple panel configurations for easy learning and are frequently updated, which means you get to learn to fly using only the best equipment. The aircraft we use at Melbourne Flight Training are specifically recommended for flight training operations, and are fully capable to train pilots for all aspects of flight. You can be confident knowing the aircraft we offer will help to make the most of your training!

Our Fleet is comprised of:


Cirrus SR20 G6 | N31CK

cirrus sr20 g6 walkaround

Cirrus SR20 G6 | N36CK

Melbourne Flight School Tail 36CK-1

Cirrus SR22 G6 | N33JG

Melbourne Flight School Cirrus Flights

Cirrus SR20 G2 | N315AR

Cirrus SR20-G2

Cessna 172N | N4791E

Melbourne flight training cessna 172n ground training

Cessna 172N | N739YH

Cessna training

Cessna 172N | N737NV

Melbourne flight training cessna 172n

Cessna 172N | N6124D

Cessna 172n ground training

Cessna 172P | N53361

cessna 172p Melbourne flight training walk around

Cessna 172N | N739UP

N739UP Cessna 172N Melbourne Flight Training

Cessna 172N | N656MF

172n cessna Melbourne flight training

Cessna 172N | N1061X

Cessna 172n Melbourne Flight training

Cessna 172N | N1947F

Melbourne Flight training cessna 172n

Cessna 172S | N1180N

Melbourne Flight training Cessna 172s

Cessna 172N | N739DB

cessna 172n Melbourne flight training preflight

Beech 76 | N5283M

duchess multi engine flight training

Beech 76  |  N776PA

Beech76 Melbourne Flight training instrument rating