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Aircraft Rental Fleet

Melbourne Flight Training features the finest aircraft rental fleet in Central Florida. Our aircraft are well equipped with Garmin and Avidyne avionics, are well maintained, and are easily scheduled for flights with our online scheduling system. At Melbourne Flight Training, we are constantly updating and expanding our fleet of rental aircraft, so check back often for updates!

Our current rental fleet:

Block Rates

Flight time block rates are available for all of our aircraft. Minimum purchase is ten (10) hours flight time per aircraft type. You can lock in your block times right on our website by clicking the link below:

Cessna 172 – 10 Hour Block – $1090.90 – BUY NOW!

Cirrus SR20 – 10 Hour Block – $2100.00 – BUY NOW!

Beech Duchess – 10 Hour Block – $ 2250.00 – BUY NOW!

Flight time blocks are non-transferable and can only be refunded after the used portion of funds are re-calculated at full rental rates. Flight time blocks can be used for initial checkout but cannot be used as credit toward flight instruction services.


Cessna 172N

Cirrus SR20-G2

Beechcraft BE-76

Elite BATD