The Airline Transport (ATP) Course

Our FAA Airline Transport Pilot course is train to proficiency based on the prior completion of an ATP-CTP course. We offer the ATP Certificate in our Beechcraft Duchess BE-76 Multi-Engine trainer aircraft. ATP-CTP course is a prerequisite to complete the flight training portion of the ATP certificate.

ATP Multi Engine candidates are required to demonstrate:

  • Steep Turns
  • Stall Series
  • Unusual Attitudes
  • Emergencies and Abnormals
  • 2 Precision Approaches
    • Single Engine Approach
    • Circling Approach
  • 2 Non-Precision Approaches
  • Single Engine Missed Approach
  • Holding

The basic course includes:

  • 10-15 hours Flight Training in our BE76 Duchess (train to proficiency)
  • 4-6 Pre-Flight Briefings

The average student may require additional hours above the FAA minimums billed at the posted hourly rate. Additional costs may be incurred including training supplies, charts, and re-test fees.