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Take to the Skies Quicker | MFT

Take To The Skies Quick

Discover Melbourne Flight Training’s 30-Day Accelerated Private Pilot Course, a fast-track route to obtaining a private pilot license.

Flight Training

Accelerated Instrument Rating Course

Boost your aviation career with the Accelerated Instrument Rating Course at Melbourne Flight Training. Discover how we combine quality, speed, and personalized training for pilots seeking to level-up their skills in instrument flying and navigation.

King Schools Course Training | MFT
Flight Training

Elevate Your Aviation Skills

Start your aviation journey with Melbourne Flight Training, using world-class KING Schools’ educational resources. Enroll for PPL, IFR, CPL, or CFI-A courses and soar high in your aviation dreams

Airplane Lights Decoded | MFT

Airplane Lights Decoded

Join us as we explore the significance and importance of each light, from navigation to beacon lights. Get ready to take flight with Melbourne Flight Training!

The Importance of Safety and Emergency Procedures in Flight Training
Flight Training

Safety and Emergency Procedures

Learn why safety and emergency procedures training are essential for pilots, especially when they’re learning to fly. Dive into the importance of security protocols with Melbourne Flight Training.