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Exploring the Skies with the Cirrus Aircraft Fleet
Flight Training

Exploring the Skies with the Cirrus Aircraft Fleet

Discover the advanced Cirrus SR22 G6 GTS and SR20 G6 aircraft at Melbourne Flight Training. Elevate your flying experience with state-of-the-art features and comprehensive support. Join us in making aviation happen.

Understanding Part 61: A Beginner's Guide to Pilot Certification Requirements
Flight Training

Understanding Part 61

Dive into the essentials of Part 61 for aspiring pilots. This beginner’s guide offers a clear overview of the certification process, including eligibility, training requirements, and steps to obtaining your pilot license. Start your aviation journey informed and ready to soar.

Recurrent Training Matters
Flight Training

Why Recurrent Training Matters

Explore the importance of recurrent training with Melbourne Flight Training on Florida’s Space Coast. Sharpen your aviation skills, stay updated with the latest in pilot safety, and fly confidently with our personalized programs.

The Path to Becoming a Pilot: Licenses and Certifications Explained
Flight Training

Licenses and Certifications Explained

Explore the journey to becoming a pilot with Melbourne Flight Training. From obtaining your Private Pilot License to achieving an ATPL, learn about the licenses and certifications needed to soar. Start your aviation career here.

A Deeper Look Into Altitude | MFT
Flight Training

The 5 Types of Altitude in Aviation

Discover the 5 essential types of altitude in aviation: indicated, absolute, true, pressure, and density, vital for pilot navigation and flight safety.

The Importance of Regular Flying Skills Brush-Up | MFT
Flight Training

The Importance of Regular Flying

Discover the crucial benefits of regular flight training at Melbourne Flight Training to maintain, enhance skills, and thrive in aviation.

The Joys of Flying in Melbourne, Florida | MFT
Flight Training

From Orange Groves to Open Skies

Embark on an exhilarating flight training journey in Melbourne, Florida with Melbourne Flight Training. From robust ground classes to soaring through the skies, this blog captures their commitment to safety, hands-on learning experience and state-of-the-art resources. Discover the joys of flying over Melbourne’s breathtaking landscapes today!


Spread Your Wings with MFT

Dive into the world of aviation with Melbourne Flight Training’s CAP. Transform your passion for flying into an exciting career!

Flight Training | MFT
Flight Training

Melbourne Flight Training Services for Students

Explore the comprehensive services offered by Melbourne Flight Training for student pilots, including robust flight training programs, top-notch equipment, exceptional mentorship, and flexible scheduling, all designed to help aspiring pilots soar high in their aviation dreams

Sport Mode

Unleash Your Inner Thrill-Seeker

Join Melbourne Flight Training’s Sport Mode Activated event – a thrilling experience with displays from renowned brands, food, drinks, raffles, and a chance to discover your passion for flying, boating or driving.