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Spread Your Wings with MFT

Dive into the world of aviation with Melbourne Flight Training’s CAP. Transform your passion for flying into an exciting career!

Take to the Skies Quicker | MFT

Take To The Skies Quick

Discover Melbourne Flight Training’s 30-Day Accelerated Private Pilot Course, a fast-track route to obtaining a private pilot license.

Sport Mode

Unleash Your Inner Thrill-Seeker

Join Melbourne Flight Training’s Sport Mode Activated event – a thrilling experience with displays from renowned brands, food, drinks, raffles, and a chance to discover your passion for flying, boating or driving.

A Deeper Look Into Altitude: MFT

A Deeper Look Into Altitude

The 5 Types of Altitude in Aviation Most people, particularly those who aren’t too familiar with aviation, perceive altitude in fairly straightforward terms – it’s

Multi-engine Time Building in Flight Training | MFT

Multi-engine Time Building in Flight Training

Explore the importance of multi-engine time building in flight training with Melbourne Flight Training. Understand how it enhances your skill set, safety training, job opportunities and prepares you for career progression in the field of aviation

Exploring Our Fleet | MFT

Exploring Our Fleet

Explore elite flight training with Melbourne Flight Training’s diverse fleet, Cessna 172, Cirrus SR20, SR22, Beechcraft Duchess, and Tecnam P2006T.

Convincing Reasons to Embark on a Flight Training Program | MFT

Reasons to Embark on a Flight Training Program

Experience the soaring demand for pilots in the aviation industry with Melbourne Flight Training. Explore top salaries, growth opportunities, and a comprehensive learning experience, propelling you toward a fulfilling career as an airline pilot

Airplane Lights Decoded | MFT

Airplane Lights Decoded

Join us as we explore the significance and importance of each light, from navigation to beacon lights. Get ready to take flight with Melbourne Flight Training!