Discovery Flight

The Discovery Flight is an unforgettable experience offered at Melbourne Flight Training which puts you in the cockpit for a half hour to get your shot at flying an airplane. Get in, strap in, and takeoff!

What Are Discovery Flights?

A Discovery Flight, commonly referred to as an introductory flight, pairs you with a professional Flight Instructor for a 30-minute trip through the skies. Discovery flights are for aspiring pilots who want to get a feel for what to expect during flight training, or as a gift for that once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Discovery Flight is a safe and educational experience with our professional flight instructors. We will remain at your side throughout the entire flight and guide you smoothly along your flight path. You will have an opportunity to see our beautiful Space Coast from a breathtaking vantage point. You can even take control of the aircraft while you are in the air, under the careful supervision of the flight instructor.

Cessna 172 Discovery Flight – $150

What To Expect:

Our Discovery Flights are fun and educational! When you arrive at the airfield the aircraft will have already been prepared for flight. During a discovery flight, you will be interacting directly with your professional flight instructor on the ground and on the flight as he/she coaches you to fly one of our Cessna’s through the air. Asking questions and interacting with your flight instructor is expected and encouraged!