Exploring the Skies with the Cirrus Aircraft Fleet

Exploring the Skies with the Cirrus Aircraft Fleet

Navigating the path to become a skilled pilot requires not just comprehensive flight training but also access to advanced and reliable aircraft. At Melbourne Flight Training – a partnership that bundles the expertise of Heck Air for aircraft maintenance and Fallon Pilot Shop for aviation gear – we pride ourselves on offering just that. Our fleet is tailored to ensure both aspiring and seasoned pilots have the best tools at their disposal, and at the heart of this fleet is our lineup of Cirrus aircrafts: the SR22 G6 GTS and the SR20 G6.

The Cirrus SR22 G6 GTS: A Class Apart

The SR22 G6 GTS proudly wears its reputation as one of the most advanced single-engine aircraft in the sky. Equipped with the GTS Carbon Package, it combines performance with luxury. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin (12-Inch Screens): This cutting-edge avionic suite ensures that you have all the navigational aids and system controls at your fingertips, displayed on expansive 12-inch screens for unmatched clarity.
  • Certified Flight-Into-Known-Icing (FIKI): Safety is paramount, and with FIKI certification, the SR22 is capable of navigating through challenging weather conditions safely.
  • Autopilot with ESP: Enhanced Stability and Protection (ESP) works alongside the autopilot system, making long-duration flights more comfortable and reducing pilot workload.
  • Sirius XM Weather & Radio: Stay informed with real-time weather updates and entertained with satellite radio, no matter where you are.
  • Premium Interior and Air Conditioning: Long flights no longer have to be taxing, thanks to the SR22’s luxurious interiors and effective air conditioning system.

The Cirrus SR20 G6: Perfecting the Fundamentals

The SR20 G6, while slightly more modest than its SR22 sibling, is no less impressive, providing a solid foundation for both training and cross-country flights.

  • Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin: Like the SR22, the SR20 features the advanced Cirrus Perspective+ avionics suite, though with a setup perfectly tailored to meet the needs of its pilots.
  • Autopilot with ESP: Ensuring safety and ease of use, the autopilot system with Enhanced Stability and Protection is a standard feature.
  • Sirius XM Weather & Radio: Real-time weather updates and satellite radio keep you informed and entertained on every flight.
  • Air Conditioning: Comfort is key, even in the skies. The SR20’s air conditioning system ensures a pleasant environment from takeoff to landing.

Making Aviation Happen

At Melbourne Flight Training, we understand the importance of quality training, reliable maintenance, and having the right equipment. Our unique partnership with Heck Air and Fallon Pilot Shop ensures that every aspect of your flight training experience is covered. Whether you’re taking your first step towards a career in aviation or looking to hone your flying skills, our Cirrus aircraft fleet stands ready to elevate your flight training experience.

Join us as we make aviation happen, using a fleet that combines safety, efficiency, and luxury, ensuring an unparalleled flying experience. Explore the skies with Melbourne Flight Training, and discover the difference a Cirrus can make in your aviation journey.


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