Additional Courses Offered

Additional Courses

Need something else?

MFT Offers additional training above typical certificates and ratings. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Flight Reviews
  • Instrument Proficiency Checks
  • Aircraft Type Checkouts for Rental Customers:
    • Cessna 172N/P
    • Cessna 172S G1000
    • Cirrus SR20 G2 & G6
    • Beechcraft Duchess
  • Bahamas Checkout and Training
  • High Performance Endorsement
  • Complex Endorsement
  • Ad Hoc Rusty Pilot courses and mentoring
  • Owner Aircraft Instruction

Aircraft Rental and Time Building

Aircraft rentals and time building programs provide pilots with valuable opportunities to gain flight experience, enhance their skills, and broaden their aviation knowledge. MFT offers a convenient way to maintain proficiency, explore different aircraft models, and accumulate flight hours towards achieving career goals.

Multi-Engine Time Building

MFT offers multi engine time building in our Beechcraft Duchess fleet. We offer both single pilot and dual pilot time building. Time building can be flown 7 days a week on the customer’s schedule.

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