Multi-engine Time Building

Multi-Engine Time Building

Timebuilding Pricing

Multi-engine Time Building | MFT

Cash pricing only. Add 3% for credit/debit card use at check-in.  

Rental Checkout

To qualify for rental, each pilot must pass a checkout in the aircraft. MFT will provide 5 hours of dual flight training and 2 hours of ground as part of the package.

Renter pilots should come prepared with emergency procedures, limitations, and aircraft systems memorized. Satisfactory checkout will be required prior to first rental.

  • The price of the Rental Checkout will be $360/Hour Wet for the aircraft and $80/Hour for the instructor.
  • The rental checkout is waived for MFT students who have passed a checkride in our aircraft in the previous 90 days.

Renter's insurance


Renter(s) assumes all risk and 100% damage responsibility for aircraft.

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