Multi-engine Time Building

Multi-engine Time Building

Timebuilding Pricing


Cash pricing only. Add 3% for credit/debit card use at check-in.  

Rental Checkout

To qualify for rental, each pilot must pass a mock checkride in the aircraft. The rental checkout process for our

Duchess consists of a 1-hour ground Lesson and a 2 hour check flight. Renter pilots should come prepared with emergency procedures, limitations, and aircraft systems memorized. Satisfactory checkout will be required prior to first rental.

  • The price of the Rental Checkout will be $260/Hour Dry for the aircraft and $70/Hour for the
  • The rental checkout is waived for MFT students who have passed a checkride in our aircraft in the previous 90 days.


Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance for dual pilot time building is not required, but it is recommended. For single pilot rentals, multi engine renter’s insurance is required.

  • Aircraft Physical Damage must be a minimum coverage of $50,000.

Renter(s) assumes all risk and 100% damage responsibility for aircraft.


Dry Rate Fuel Policy

Aircraft are rented at a dry rate only. Aircraft must be returned with at least 40 gallons in each tank, measured by the tabs.

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