Career Aviator Pathway Program

An Accelerated all-encompassing, full-immersion flight training course for Professional Pilot Candidates.

Become a pro and “takeoff” for a truly rewarding career as a Professional Pilot! The Career Aviator Pathway Program at Melbourne Flight Training will take a student from zero experience to a fully certified Multi-Engine Instructor with over 250 hours of flight time in ONLY 6 MONTHS! Our full-immersion program is the most affordable, highest flight time FAA part 141 training program available in the United States.

After completion of our Career Aviator Pathway Program, our Professional Pilot candidates go on to become employed with a flight school, preferably with Melbourne Flight Training. During your employment as a flight instructor you will build your flight time to gain experience. When you are ready, Melbourne Flight Training has the industry knowledge and connections to assist you with placement at a regional airline, jet charter company, and many other pilot career opportunities!

Total Cost for Career Aviator Pathway Program: $91,424.11*

Cash Discount Available!

Additional Benefits of our Career Aviator Pathway Program:

  • Free unlimited use of our FAA certified Flight Simulator for instrument and procedures training!
    • Not satisfied with your performance during a lesson or having trouble mastering a procedure? Students enrolled in our Career Aviator Pathway Program can take advantage of practicing any procedure or maneuver in our sim for Free! We truly care about our students success!
  • Free Ground Knowledge assistance!
    • Having trouble understanding a concept, rules, regulations, or systems? or you would like additional help studying for your knowledge test? At no extra charge, students enrolled in our Career Aviator Pathway Program will have ground instructors available to assist with any of those questions and more. Again, we truly care about our students success!
*The average student typically requires additional hours above the FAA minimums. Additional hours are billed at the posted hourly rate. Additional costs are not included, such as, repeat lessons and DPE re-test fees.