Rusty Pilot?…You can get back into flying with Melbourne Flight Training!

Been out of the air for a long time? Get back into flying in no time with Melbourne Flight Training’s Rusty Pilot refresher course! Getting back into flying is much easier than you think. Our professional flight instructors can ease you back into the joy of flying in just a few training flights. Our simple approach gets your confident, and then current. We start with back-to-basics flight maneuvers and finish up with a complete Flight Review when you are ready. An Instrument Proficiency Check is available as well for those who have been out of instrument flying for some time.

A “Rusty Pilot” is anyone who has allowed their Flight Review currency to lapse. We specialize in building a flight training plan to get you back in the air as fast as possible. Our commitment to you is:

1. A first flight to get comfortable again with flying. Your flight instructor will coach you along on your return to flying and evaluate how “rusty” you are.

2. Your flight instructor will build a flight training plan which will take you all the way to a completed Flight Review or Instrument Proficiency Check.

3. You, with your instructor, will execute your flight training plan and accomplish your goal of returning to flying!

Please give us a call to get started right away!