Unleash Your Inner Thrill-Seeker

Sport Mode

Activate Your Sport Mode With Melbourne Flight Training

At Melbourne Flight Training, we believe in the exhilarating thrill that flying provides. With us, it’s not just about learning how to navigate the skies; it’s about embracing new adventures and bringing out the daring aviator within you. Are you ready to activate your ‘sport mode’? Our upcoming event, Sport Mode Activated, offers the opportunity to do just that!

Uncover New Horizons

Sport Mode Activated promises to be a mesmerising display of air, water, and road sportsmanship. Experience adrenaline-pumping displays from distinguished manufacturers such as Cirrus Aircraft, Boaters Exchange, E.C.D. Automotive Designs, and Melbourne’s very own Porsche Audi and Mercedes outlets.

Whether you have a passion for marine exploration, the open road, or the boundless sky, this event has you covered. Enthusiastic boaters and automobile fans, as well as newcomers looking forward to their first flight training experience, will equally find this event thrilling and informative.

Feast Your Eyes and Satisfy Your Palate

This in-person event, set to take place under Melbourne’s boundless skies, delivers much more than exclusive viewings of planes, boats, and cars. To complement this extraordinary showcase, attendees can indulge in complimentary drinks and appetizers, adding a dash of fine dining to the sporting sensory overload.

Magnificent Prizes Up for Grabs

While you marvel at the exhibits on display, don’t forget that Sport Mode Activated also offers attendees the chance to win fabulous prizes. The event features raffles and draws with stunning rewards. We encourage you to purchase raffle tickets and enter drawings for gorgeous gift baskets contributed by over 20 local businesses. In the spirit of making the evening even more memorable, visitors have a chance to bag an exclusive grand prize – a stylish 2023 Pathfinder Boat!

Join the Melbourne Flight Training Family

Sport Mode Activated aims to bring together like-minded thrill-seekers, fostering a community that thrives on adrenaline and passion for sportsmanship. Become a part of a community that shares your interests, make new friends, and create everlasting memories!

Get Ready to Unleash Your Adventurous Side

This event is an invitation for adventure seekers to explore, enjoy, and perhaps ignite a new passion for flying, boating, or driving. Please remember, this event will be cash-only for raffle tickets, so come prepared!

Don’t miss out on this exciting soirée that perfectly blends sportsmanship, camaraderie, and gourmet delights. Join us to activate your sport mode and discover the thrill of flying and beyond with Melbourne Flight Training!

Hurry, book your tickets to our Sport Mode Activated event now! We look forward to welcoming you and enabling your journey to become an extraordinary sportsperson. Unleash your potential and let the thrilling ride begin!


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